Saturday, April 13, 2013

We're Feeling a Little Blue...

Yes, we're feeling blue, but no need for tears!  It's just the color, not emotions, silly!  Take a look at our latest booth inventory, inspirationed by none other than that navy, saphire, indigo, blue hue...

Large wooden platter or statement piece along with some wonderful teapots and blue vases.

One of my favorite pieces this month, a tan and blue accented book "holder" (single piece book ends!) along with a beautiful vintage blue and gold leaf teapot!

An adorable blue small rocker with oh-so trendy arrows along side a fantastic tan wooden coffee table with blue accent design on top!

And more blue small goods for your home!

Come take a look and "feel blue" with us at 540 Mercantile!  Happy Saturday!!!  :)

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