Sunday, April 14, 2013

I "Mustache" You to "Point" Me in The Right Direction...

Does the title fit this picture??  :)
Okay, so I know our title today, "I "Mustache" You to "Point" Me in The Right Direction..." is a bit corny, but how else would we combine two super trendy styles right now into one heading?!  ;)  It's really more difficult than you'd think!

Anyways, we all know that mustaches have been all the rage lately, adorning everything from clothes, decor, and even baby bedding!  Aaannnddd, we have to admit, we're in love with it, too, just like you!  So, of course, we had to jump on in and create some fun mustache-io pieces:

A fun dark blue shelf with mustache accent.

Distressed blue wooden platter with mustache accent!

Also lately, we've been seeing that arrows are giving mustaches a run for their money...scootching on up to take their top spot!  Home Stories A to Z recently even wrote about it on their blog (read it here)!  Yes, the chevrons seem to start it, but now we're in full blow "arrow" mode...

Adorable blue wooden small rocker with arrows down the back.

Fun desk organzer...distressed blue with arrow design!

So, come see both our mustaches and arrows today at the Mercantile! 

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