Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New FAVORITE Product!

Okay, so I've been working away for what seems like YEARS now on all my furniture projects (both for myself and for others)...

Really, though, it's SO not years.  It's only been less than 1 year since I closed on my house and dove head first into all this crafty redecorating lifestyle!  Wow.  Less than one year!  It truly seems like I've been living with paint somewhere on me for my whole life...

ANYWAYS...back to things you really care about!  Fun new products!  This one, while SUPER fun and AH-mazing, is not so new.  In fact, it's been around for ages.  REALLY ages (not just like me thinking that I've been painting for ages...).  :)  So, what is it you may ask??  It's Milk Paint! 

Recommeded by Mannon, I went ahead and, as usual, jumped feet first into this new (for me) adventure.  Have you tried it?? 

Basically, it is a powdered form of paint!  It has a lime and milk powder base, so it's super durable.  It's eco-friendly, with no nasty smells or chemicals.  All you do is add a little water to your powder and paint away.  Easy peasy!

Oh, and did I mention all the great colors??  They're super authentic "antiquey" looking, so I pretty much love them even more for that.

Here's one of my first projects with my milk's a repurposed headboard turned coat rack!  I just cut off the legs, primed it, painted the black base coat, added crackle finish, then my new "barnyard red" milk paint is on top (with, of course, a little extra distressing).  I then attached some cute fleur hooks, and it's ready to get hung on the wall.  Yes, I'm diggin' it!  :)

Interested in buying this fun, new piece?  Leave me a message, or send  us and email!

So, what do you think?  Have you seen milk paint before?  Used it?  Love it?  We'd love to hear about your experiences with it!

(P.S.- We're in no way affiliated with Milk Paint...I just love it so much, I felt obligated to share!  :)  Happy Wednesday!)


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