Thursday, August 2, 2012

It Has Arrived!!!

Let me first start with a little disclaimer:  I am in no way a paint maniac.  Yes, I realized that both this post and my last post are on the similar topic of paint.  And yes, I realize that I mentioned the fact that I've been sporting paint "spots" on my body for the last few months now (no matter how I scrub and search, I always seem to find one in the middle of the day that I've missed in the shower...).  BUT, this does not make me a paint maniac......I think.......  

So, paint maniac or not, let's move onward.  Want to see what finally arrived?  Take a peek at what has made me so excited:

Can you make out what it is?  It's a big box of smaller boxes of paints!  Spray paints to be more exact!  Fun, brightly colored, Krylon spray paints to be EVEN more exact!  :)

I read a post over at Vintage Revivals, where dear, sweet, Mandi shared a tip on how to score some "secret" Krylon colors that you can't normally find at just any store.  So, I followed her advice and called up my local Sherwin Williams.  They were SO nice, and on top of them ordering the paint and having great customer service, it just happened to be their paint SALE weekend!  What are the odds of that?! 

The only drawback was that I had to order a CASE of each color (since it's not normally stocked on their shelves), AND I would have to wait for them to ship it to the store where I would have to pick it up.  But, it really came in less than a week, and I was SO excited to get the phone call yesterday to pick it up. 

Now, I just can't wait to start using it.  Hmmm.....what to begin many pieces that need work....

Maybe this tiny chair?  (It's been primed and ready to go for a few weeks now...)

Or, maybe this cute retro side table?  (Mannon just picked it up at a thrift store sale this week!)

Or, maybe one of the many, many items stored in my garage?

 Or, what about something that we brought back from our "junkin'" weekend??

The options are endless!  We shall see!  I'll keep you posted on what I decide, and you can also check out our "Furniture in Progress" section, where I'll post, too!

Off to paint!  Have a great evening!


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