Saturday, January 26, 2013

Second 2013 Goal: Getting Back My Office!!! {Phase One}

You know that TV show Hoarders?  Well, I officially feel like I should apply and be filmed, because THIS is what my office/craft room has turned into:


AHHH!!  Makes you want to scream/cringe/pass out all at the same time, right?!

Well, my second goal of this new year has been to take back my office area!  I'm envisioning a beautiful craft room where I can work on both things for Teapots & What-Nots AND for my classroom, too. 

So, you can't really fix something like this overnight.  (I mean, I wish I COULD just snap my fingers and *poof*, but, let's be realistic here...)

My first task to tackle was the desk.  Desk, you ask?  What desk?  Yes, I know, you might have missed it.  It was camoflauged in all the junk...

It's way too big for what I imagined and what I need, so it will eventually get a face-lift and a new home.  Instead of simply moving it out to the garage where it would become engulfed into the piles of furniture that need to be refinished, I though why not just refinish it now?  So that's what I did!

Old desk:

New desk:

Please ignore the divots in the vinyl.  We're sitting on carpet here, and Mannon and I are still trying to figure out the whole photography thing.  After all, I'm a teacher, and she was a stay at home mom (neither of which are trainer photographers!)  :)

I'm digging the dark dark "plum" (purple-ish brown-ish black-ish color), because let's face it, when desks get used, they get dirty!  And what better way to hide that than with a dark color?!  :)  I whipped up a batch of my homemade chalk paint (which I'll tell you about tomorrow!), sanded the desk down, and got to painting!  Then, I finished it off with a couple of 3 coats of polycrylic to seal it all.  Viola!  Simply adorable!

I have to admit, once it was done, I was crushing on it so hard that I really debated keeping it in the office...however, even with moving it along a different wall, it's simply not going to fit with our new vinyl backdrop, and the workspace in the middle of the room I need.  So, it's going to a new home!  Listed in on CL here, or if you're intereseted, simply shoot me an email at

Happy Saturday!  Wish me luck on the rest of the office/craft room.  :)


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